Welcome to GEOG 384

Principles of the Geospatial Web

 Class 1

 Class 2

Things to Download / Sign up

  1. Download a rich text editor to use while coding in this course (you are welcome to use any that you like if you have a preference, but in this class we will be using Sublime 3 for instruction).
  2. Create a Mapbox Account


  1. Create a Mapbox Account
  2. Create an access token
  3. Learn how to use mapbox examples
  4. Open up Sublime Text on your Desktop
  5. Make a dataset with geojson.io
  6. Try copy and pasting the dataset you made into these examples:
  7. Further exercises to try when you have time:
    1. Done with lines and polygons? Can you figure out how to add a point from geoJSON?
    2. Can you add a geoJSON dataset with all three types of data at the same time?
    3. explore other mapbox examples. can you make a custom icon?


 Class 3


 Class 4 (September 12th)

Guest Lecture - Mashups and Digital Earths

 Class 5 (September 14th)

Assignment 1

 Class 6 (September 19th)

Reminder: 1st article

First Quiz will be next class, Thursday 21st

 Class 7 (September 21th)

Quiz #1

Two new articles to read:

 Class 8 (September 26th)

Starting Scraping & XPath unit

Some useful links to help you learn: Tutorial #1 Recording

 Class 9 (September 28th)

Second Quiz will be next class, Thursday October 5th

  1. Functions
  2. Scope

Assignment 2

 Class 10 (October 3rd)

In Class Scraping Exercise Part 2

Demo Sheet

"Easy" Sites to scrape: (guaranteed to work and not block you out... supposedly) More of a challenge: (no guarantees, but apparently is legal and scrapable)

Tutorial #2

 Class 10 (October 3rd)

Quiz #2

 Class 11 (October 12th)

Welcome back from reading week

Guest Lecture - Jugal Patel

Invite to Neogeoweb discord

Tutorial #3

 Class 12 (October 17th)

Starting our unit on VGI

Assignment #3

 Class 13 (October 19th)

Continuting lecture on VGI

Tutorial #4

 Class 14 (October 24th)

 Class 15 (October 26th)

Continuting lecture on VGI

Quiz #4

 Class 16 (October 31st)

Lecturing on Legal Issues

 Class 17 (November 2nd)

Continuing lecturing on Legal Issues

 Class 18 (November 7th)

Streaming Data

 Class 19 (November 9th)

Streaming Data

 Class 20 (November 14th)

Beginning the lecture series on Data Visualizations