Welcome to GEOG 384

Principles of the Geospatial Web

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Things to Download / Sign up

  1. Download a rich text editor to use while coding in this course (you are welcome to use any that you like if you have a preference, but in this class we will be using Sublime 3 for instruction).
  2. Create a Mapbox Account


  1. Create a Mapbox Account
  2. Create an access token
  3. Learn how to use mapbox examples
  4. Open up Sublime Text on your Desktop
  5. Make a dataset with geojson.io
  6. Try copy and pasting the dataset you made into these examples:
  7. Further exercises to try when you have time:
    1. Done with lines and polygons? Can you figure out how to add a point from geoJSON?
    2. Can you add a geoJSON dataset with all three types of data at the same time?
    3. explore other mapbox examples. can you make a custom icon?


 Class 3


 Class 4 (September 12th)

Guest Lecture - Mashups and Digital Earths

 Class 5 (September 14th)

Assignment 1

 Class 6 (September 19th)

Reminder: 1st article

First Quiz will be next class, Thursday 21st

 Class 7 (September 21th)

Quiz #1

Two new articles to read:

 Class 8 (September 26th)

Starting Scraping & XPath unit

Some useful links to help you learn: Tutorial #1 Recording

 Class 9 (September 28th)

Second Quiz will be next class, Thursday October 5th

  1. Functions
  2. Scope

Assignment 2